Board of Public Works Packet Available – Substation Alley Vacation

Board of Public Works Packet: Alley and Street Vacations for Duke’s Sub Station at 11th & Rogers

Neighbors are invited to view the documentation submitted by Duke Energy in their petition to the City to vacate the alleys located on their proposed substation site at 11th and Rogers Streets. The Board is charged with determining whether this vacation of alleys is “serving the public need” at their meeting on May 31.

Some items mentioned at the Board work session on May 25.

  • There are eight substations currently operating in Bloomington.
  • Duke representatives stated that they have been in discussion with the previous administration about the need to site a substation to serve growing need for 2+ years.
  • Two other sites were vetted through a Phase 1 environmental impact review and were eliminated from selection: Bloomington Iron and Metal on Rogers Street (historical environmental brownfield due to contaminated infill into old quarry site.) and the old Food Bank site including adjacent residential homes at 10th and the B-Line (deemed too small and need to remove residences took it out of contention)
  • The entry drive is located directly across from a current residence.
  • The berm camouflage does not continue on all sides of the site. It grades lower on east and south sides. There is no berm or camouflage planned for the north west side facing neighborhood.
  • A detention basin will be included on the western edge of the site (to the left of the substation) without a berm camouflage.
  • The site will be built to house 2 transformer banks. Only one will be installed initially. It WILL expand.
  • High voltage lines connecting this substation to others may be added to taller utility poles that will be installed along the route to accommodate both high and low voltage lines. Examples of these can be seen on Rogers and 14th Streets.
  • The route of the lines is not yet determined but is likely to stay on right of ways and not require additional easements due to the built environment and lack of open space. But easements are not ruled out.
  • The decibel level for 24/7 operation is likely to be around 55dB.
  • The 11th and Rogers site is being proposed in part because of the development of IU and the Hospital on the bypass. The substation at 13th and Dunn Street will now be upgraded to serve that need and the new site at Rogers and 11th will be used to primarily service IU, the downtown development of the Trades District, student housing downtown, the new hotels, and IU. (This statement puts into doubt the need for the substation to be in as close of proximity to the proposed site as stated – as 13th and Dunn is 2 miles from the hospital site it will be purported to service.)From petitioner’s letter: “Indiana University’s growth has also contributed to the current need.  IU has new or renovated buildings at Franklin Hall, Assembly Hall, Kelly School of Business Hodge Hall, School of Informatics & Computing, School of Global & International Studies, and Rose Hall residence hall.IU Health Bloomington Hospital has announced plans to construct a new hospital campus along the SR 45/46 bypass, which also adds to the necessity for this “Bloomington 11th Street Substation” project.”